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Types of Dog Training

Dog owners have many choices to make: if they will rescue their pet or buy from a breeder, what color collar to get, what type of food is best for their dog — and when it comes to canine obedience — what type of dog training they will use.

Dog training at home can be structured based on dog obedience instructional DVDs, books or research on the Internet. You can also customize an obedience program suited to your dog’s personality with a Raleigh dog trainer at Topline K9.

The most common type of dog training techniques include:

  • Clicker Training – Positive reinforcement training is gentle and reinforces good behavior for your dog. Clicker signals or marker words are used to mark correct behavior, which includes following commands and proper potty training behavior.

  • Reward Training – An alternate positive reinforcement training method, but instead of rewarding your dog with a clicker noise, they are rewarded with a treat or toy. Reward training combines a treat with showers of praise to encourage the good behavior.

  • Dog Whispering – A very modern method of dog training, dog whispering requires you to interpret your dog’s body language and use your own body language to connect. Topline K9’s version of this is called ‘developing the touch.’ or knowing how to read each and every individual animal. Knowing what methods would work best with that dog, and how much pressure and motivation can be given to the dog at any time. This method requires extensive training, which our Raleigh dog trainers can teach you too.

  • Traditional Dog Training – This longstanding form of dog training requires physical interaction. For example, if a dog is told to sit and they don’t follow the command, the command is given again and the dog’s bum is given direction into the sit position to ease the dogs confusion, then a reward is given. This is a very direct way of teaching, and when paired with the techniques above, can become a very reliable and rewarding training method for both you and your pet.

Every technique that Topline K9 dog trainers in Raleigh use helps dogs establish the confidence to be well-mannered and obedient. Your dogs need to be reminded that you are the alpha in their pack, and they need to feel comfortable with their role in the household. The goal of dog training is to establish this hierarchy without any harsh commands or physical reprimanding. Say what you mean, mean what you say, just don’t say it mean!

A regular training schedule will help build a healthy routine for your dog. Topline K9’s mission is to make the training fun, reliable, and effective for you and your pet and to paint the clearest picture possible what it is we require from our dogs. The new situation will be a great way to see your dog’s behavior responses. An obedience class is also a prime time for dogs to socialize and learn acceptable ways of interacting with each other.

Find a Certified Dog Trainer in Raleigh

All dogs will misbehave occasionally, so being aware of the different training techniques will help you find the best one your dog will respond to! Topline K9 Obedience has certified professional dog trainers on staff to help with your dog’s training and obedience needs. Contact us today for a free evaluation!

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