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Professional Dog Training
german shepherd training



Enjoy one-on-one lessons with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer at one of our locations. The lessons can even be done in the comfort of your own home or location of your choice. Let's say you have an issue when you take them out on a hike, we can meet at the trailhead and start our lesson there! Or if you have a problem with them jumping on your guests, we can simulate that with an in home lesson!


We always want to get you started with one of our IN HOME Evaluations. If you are interested in our private lessons, we can then always roll your free evaluation right into one of our Private Lessons. 


We can address a number of different struggles you may be having during our Private Lessons. From leash manners, to jumping on guests, to nuisance barking, we can cover it all. Are they pulling your shoulder out of socket on walks? Need some refresher training, or want to be sure that your training methods are correct for your dog?


Call us to purchase individual lessons or custom packages that best fit your budget and schedule or fill out our Contact Form for more information!


Private Lessons:

Boarding & Training
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