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 After graduating from the Dog Training School in 2011 she began working for a local company and did not love how impersonal their services were for the clients. It was a one size fits all approach. It was then that she formed Topline K9 Obedience in Raleigh, North Carolina in late 2011. After running a successful business there for 4 years, with many ups and downs and lessons learned along the way, she stretched her legs and moved to sunny southern California to continue her dream, and launched her second Dog Training Company in San Diego County. Shortly after, she got the travel bug and hit the road with her two cats and two dogs in a 37ft camper, traveling full-time from January '17 to November '18 where she finally landed in Sedona.


 After launching her second Dog Training Business, Stephanie shifted gears and took her skills of reading dogs and communicating with their needs into a Life Coaching business, My Zestful Life LLC. She incorporates her love for mindset, and spirituality, as well as reiki practices into her work both with people & pets. This is what makes her dog training the best you will find around, because of her love of helping both people, and their pets. Settling into Sedona as her home, she started Topline Canine (the third business) in 2019 and has been loving on the dogs of the Verde Valley ever since! In 2021 Stephanie and her partner started a new endeavor working towards healing the people who come to visit the lands of Sedona, so now she works with both people and pets in their training and evolution. Any client coming through Topline Canine will receive Stephanie's expertise and knowledge through her wisdom and guidance that she holds within the client interactions. 

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Stephanie Lytle


Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Owner of Topline Canine




Stephanie is a certified professional dog trainer from the world-renowned Tom Rose School, one of the industry’s best programs for dog training education for more than 35 years, graduating at the top of her class in 2011. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University with a concentration in Zoology with an Animal Science Minor. As a little girl, she always wanted to work with animals, dreaming one day to open her own pet shop. It was her love for the pet industry, and her 4+ years working at Petco that lead her to a Zoology degree, and ultimately into a dog training career. 


She sought out a career in dog training after getting her 'anxious dog' some training of his own. It was at these sessions with the trainer and her dog that she fell in love with the art of dog training. Being able to bring people closer to their pets, and helping build that relationship became a strong passion for Stephanie. Our dogs bring a light into our lives that is unlike any other, and Stephanie's heart seeks to brighten that bond between pups and their peeps. 



"Topline K9 offers the best professional dog training in the area. My husky at almost 2 years was not understanding the training I had been implementing myself and I knew I needed professional help. Topline K9 handed me a brand new dog after the 2 week board and train program. After not being able to have people over to the house, intense leash pulling, counter surfing, and constant anxiety, I now have a dog that is happy and well behaved whether it’s just me or guests are visiting. Topline K9 did what I thought was impossible! They were able to identify what was causing the behavior and knew how to get through to the dog with the proper training so she can enjoy life and be apart of the family. Couldn’t recommend the programs enough!"


- Ashley (Reya - 2 yr old Husky) 

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