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doggie boot camp

In-Home Board & Train Program

What sets us apart from the rest...

  • We give you only the best! The best customer service, and clear open communication from the trainer to client for best results!

  • Our Owner is Certified by the world renowned dog training school in MO, The Tom Rose School, and has been training dogs professionally, and training dog handlers since 2011.

  • Our Trainers are incredibly skilled with dogs and humans.

  • We work on training in real-life settings, and incorporate down time, puppy-play time, and long walks into our training day!

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During the course of the training your dog will learn sit, down, sit and down stay, casual heeling, come when called, and a climb command (an on your bed command that we call 'climb'. This is great for when new guests come to the door, or when you are cooking, etc.). The climb comes in very handy around the house and can be demonstrated in the pictures on our Facebook page of the dogs that are in training now. We can also work on several other commands and behaviors specific to your needs! We are also able to provide playtime sessions with other training dogs to have them be able to ‘let loose’ in a fun way while they are with us, as well as hiking throughout the red rocks. Our training includes use of remote collar for balanced training approach as well as off leash reliability. Pricing includes remote collar. 


Commands Learned:

  • Sit & Stay

  • Sitting at Doorways

  • Down & Stay

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Informal Heeling

  • Leash Manners in Public

  • 'Climb' command (including up into the car)

  • 'Off' Command (for jumping up)

  • 'Come' command

  • Foundations of Off-Leash Reliability

  • All basic manners coveredP


In-Home Board & Train Program

We provide you with the most reliable training attainable with your dog.

Our program Includes:

  • Daily Meticulous, Safe, and Effective Training Protocols

  • 1 Private Mid-Lesson for you during the program

  • 1 Private Go-Home Lesson for you when we bring your dog home

  • 1 Private Post-Program Lessons for you to ensure your success

  • Remote training collar (we are very intentional and brand-specific for safety and effectiveness)

Your dog will get:

  • Safe socialization with other friendly dogs

  • Long walks on trailheads, in stores and other social settings

  • A full bath on the day they go home

  • Love and attention

PLUS, you'll get these bonuses for FREE when you sign up for the Board & Train Program:

+ Our exclusive 28-page training manual "Relatable Dog Training For Your Beloved Pet" ($100 value)

+ LIFETIME access to our monthly group training classes in the park ($100/class value)

+ LIFETIME text and call access for your success in working with your dog (invaluable)

We GUARANTEE Your Success: If after your Board & Train program and your 2 Private Post-Program Lessons, you still are not having basic success in being able to control your dog better, we will provide a weekly Private Lesson for free for a month!

15 Day Standard In-Home Training- $2750

21 Day Behavioral In-Home Training- $3925

*Limited Availability*

(Personalized Programs are available upon assessment by the trainer after an In Home Evaluation.)

Half payment is due up front for non-refundable deposit. Second half of payment is due the day we get started.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.57.11

Our popular 15 Day Boarding & Training Program where our goal is to give you both on leash, and off leash training so that the reliability of our training transfers over to all things. Whether you are in the home, in the yard, out on the trails, or anywhere, you are able to have fun and carefree interactions with your dog all while knowing they will respond to you reliably. We train with the dog at our main kennel as well as in the trainers home throughout the day and take them offsite as well as into local businesses and parks, and trailheads, along with the creek to get the reliability behind the training that you are looking for. During their stay they have doggie daycare included with playtimes in the grassy yards that have a stream and ponds running through them for the pups to play. We also get the dogs out to local trailheads and pet stores & hardware stores and shopping centers so that the training is well rounded. The trainers meet with you once the first week for an initial mid-lesson, and then your dog goes home at the end of the second week where we bring the dog home to you and do your go-home lesson in your house. You then have a remaining two lessons to perfect your skillsets as new trainers to your pup!

This is for our clients who want reliable training, and are ready to have that training last the lifetime of the dog! We recommend this training for anyone who is looking for their dog to be the best dog in their friend group, where people stop and stare at how well their dog is behaving in public, or sitting out to eat lunch. Off leash training collar is included with the purchase of this collar, as well as two additional follow up lessons once the dog has completed our program! 

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Our most popular program is our 2-week Board & Train due to the reliability it provides. What program are you interested in?
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