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Service Dog Training

We are very happy to expose our behind the scenes version of our training with Dreyfuss. While he is an amazing story, he is one of many. We have worked with several clients to help them find a dog that will be able to be a service dog for them, or help to turn their pet dog into a service dog for their disabilities and needs. From Hearing Service Dogs who will alert their owners of unfamiliar noises, to Mobility/Balance Service Dogs who will help pull wheelchairs, open doors, and help to carry and pickup much needed items, to Psychiatric Service Dogs who help provide emotional support for their owners; We have helped in many ways to train and certify these animals for clients in need. If you, or someone you know has questions about whether your dog can be a service dog for you, please contact us at TODAY!

Please enjoy the following article featuring Dreyfuss, our TKO trained Mobility Service dog, compliments of The Triangle Dog Magazine and Debbie Pell.

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