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Topline K9 Premier Dog Training

Transforming the Relationship between Dogs and Their Owners through Fun, Effective, & Reliable Dog  Training

We can correct behavioral concerns with your dog such as:
Potty Training for my dog

House Training

leash Aggression

Leash Aggression

Crate Training, puppy training, Dog Training Sedoa

Crate Training

Dog Training Flagstaff

Leash Manners

Potty Training

Dog Socialization

Dog Obedience Training Sedona, Doggie Day Training
Dog Training Lessons Flagstaff, Private Lessons

Who says your dog can't be the best behaved on the block? Enhance your relationship with your dog through Proper Obedience Dog Training

 Dogs are man's best friends, it's true. However, a puppy or an adult dog is not always correctly educated, no matter how hard we try as fur-parents. Many things can cause a dog to be restless, not to listen to the owner, or to be aggressive or reactive and so on.

Have your dog trained in a fun and challenging environment by certified professionals! Our experienced trainers, with over 10 years of experience, will provide your dog with the right environment to learn while having fun.

Your dogs training will be the most reliable when training is done in real-life, yet fun and constructive situations. This is why we have created a unique structure to train your dog and make them more obedient and loyal to you,its owner.  Many types of dog training can be very stressful for your pet, making his or her behavior even worse, or causing them to act out further. Topline K9 takes care of your dog's psychological health and happiness in consideration of their choice of training styles and techniques and ensures correction of their behavior in complete happiness & safety, for you and your pet.

Are you surrendering to having a poorly trained dog? Imagine how many vacations, parties or public events you gave up because you couldn't manage your dog.

 Whether small, medium or large, having a dog that doesn't listen to you fully can be a problem. Choosing to adopt a dog, or bring a new puppy into your life is a beautiful experience, but if you don't teach your dog how to understand the rules of the household effectively and in a way that he or she understands, this experience can quickly turn into more of a frustration than fun.

Our dog training services are customized to fit your dog's needs

About Us

Topline K9

Topline K9 is a premier dog obedience training & coaching service the serves all of Sedona, Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Village of Oak Creek, Cornville, Prescott, Carefree, North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and surrounding areas. Our Sedona-based location is the third location we've opened from coast to coast since 2011 with our first location in Raleigh, NC and second location in San Diego, CA. 


Our training & coaching techniques are personalized to each and every individual dog that comes through one of our training programs. Life is not a one size fits all, and your dog training shouldn’t have to be either!

With in home evaluations save yourself the traffic of Sedona, we come to you! Travel fee of just $50!


Our training is set apart from the rest because of our passion for client care, and the driving notion of our company; Transforming the relationship between dogs and their owners. We not only incorporate proven training techniques, but also can take a holistic approach, incorporating Reiki healing into our training as well!


Call us today to set up your In Home Evaluation! 
(only $50!)

What can go wrong by choosing the wrong trainers? When it's time to train your dog, there are plenty of facilities and people willing to do it. What happens when you choose the wrong person?

 Entrusting your dog to someone requires trust, and not everyone is qualified to educate your pet in the best possible way. Very often, in fact, when we see owners go with a trainer who is less qualified, there are many risks such as:

-The owner does not have a good understanding of the training methods and so the owners struggle having the dog listen to them upon completion of training.

-The issues the trainer worked on are fixed only when the trainer is around.

-The training wears off after a few weeks.

-The training goals outlined are a little better but not as impressive as the owners had hoped.

-Owners are having to rely on training collars for the lifetime of the dog when they should only be used initially to create the desired behaviors and then be able to be weaned off of.

Annette & Skylar the Yellow Lab

Topline knows the best method of training for your pup. I know this all too well. I have a labrador. She was taken to a couple of trainers with no "positive" results. I had one trainer tell me I had my hands full and she didn't know how best to help. It was Topline who cracked the code for my pup. I cannot thank them enough for the time they took and her wealth of knowledge. I now have a dog I can take to the beach where she can play in the ocean and know she will come right back to me. If you want someone who knows the best way to train your dog Topline K9 is the one to see.

Miriam & Malcom the Cane Corso Mix

Topline was beyond awesome with our dog! They were patient and really worked through some major anxiety our guy was having after being adopted. Absolutely a pleasure to work with and included our whole fam and really helped out special needs child have an amazing dog that everyone thinks is the BEST! Highly recommend 

Nancy & her dogs Nine (Belgian Shepherd) & Iri (Malinois)

Topline's knowledge of dogs, how to read/understand natural dog behavior and also how to work with them on an obedience level, is beyond impressive. What sets them apart from others in their field is their ability to apply that knowledge to your individual dog and cater it to fit their specific needs. I have two dogs with two very different personalities. When they first met they didn't get along, and they also didn't respond to the same training styles and techniques. Topline used a variety of methods to train them both individually and together and gradually helped them to respect one another and establish a deep bond (they are now inseparable). They also helped me address and solve specific issues like separation anxiety, crate training, and handling distractions in public. Thanks to Topline, my dogs are very much a part of my family with good manners and that I can always rely on. You will not go wrong in choosing them to help you and your dog, they is the absolute best at what they do!

Sarah & Jazzy the coonhound Mix

Topline has such a gift for working with animals. They took our wild, quirky coonhound and prepared her for the arrival of our daughter. Our dog was high maintenance and unable to heel but after working with Topline, she was much more manageable and did FANTASTIC with our newborn. They also gave us the tools to better understand, manage, and love her. We are so thankful for Topline and the progress they made with our dog during their time together.

Choose Topline K9's Services for your dogs well being and training longevity! Entrust your dog's needs in behavior training to our experts.

Choose to improve the relationship between you and your dog right now. You're missing out on creating an enjoyable experience with your pet. Contact us today to start to see the shifts you desire in your pet and in your household. See the stress melt away and the joy and pride replace the frustrations that may be present. Fill out the form below. Let's turn man's best friend into man's best behaved friend!

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Our most popular program is our 2-week Board & Train due to the reliability it provides. What program are you interested in?
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